⚡ Playing with 1 MILLION VOLTS ⚡


we’re gonna see if you can call
lightning to Thor’s hammer what’s that noise? hey guys
so I think one of the coolest things about running a YouTube channel is you
never know who’s watching your videos so I got a little story a few months ago we
posted a vlog update and in that vlog we had a baby Tesla coil a few days later
we received an email from the president of applied Tesla technology a company
that makes giant Tesla coils and the email is simple hey guys we’ve been fans
for a few years we recently saw your video where you were playing with a
little Tesla coil you know what we can do better let’s talk a few months later
they sent us down to Texas to play with their Tesla coils we had a ton of fun
and I think you guys are going to enjoy this video it’s a better way to sketch that your
line plane ride and that’s a local rock climbing gym alright now play the clip where i just climbed the wall.. hey guys we’re here at applied Tesla
technology a company that makes giant Tesla coils chances are if you’ve seen a
giant Tesla coil on TV or like a Science Center or something these guys have made
it and they invite us down to see how they make these things my name is Erica
I’m the president of applied Tesla technology I’ve been doing this now for
well over ten years building really cool high voltage equipment for every type of
special effect event display research project you can imagine yeah you know around here we’re always
just kind of waiting for that day where that eccentric millionaire tech mogul
calls us and says hey can you put a hundred foot tall Tesla coil on my roof
today we’re using the model 3m TC all right we have really small Tesla coils
like this half MDC you see behind you all the way up to the 3m TC out there
and we can go even bigger with custom sizes these are our standard rental
models so we’re gonna make some pretty big arcs with this – we’ve modified it
for you guys so that it’s gonna run at about 30 kilowatts there’s gonna make an
arc about 20 feet long so it’s the most power we can process through the system
that’s really impressive that pushing the breaker here oh yeah this is gonna
max out the main service we have here in the shop so when we started building the
Tesla coils we were working out of a two-car garage really nothing special
going on a couple of work benches and just me every now and then a friend
helping me out we got an opportunity to bid on a job for Metallica and that
really blew it up for us it was a huge workload a really complicated project
for what turned into being a three-person crew but we pulled it off
and ever since then we’ve been building these four really unique clients just
generally cool values so to give you an idea – how much power happens
instantaneously here each individual pulse that the arc is formed from is 1.4
megawatts of peak power so we get this question all the time why
do I see people on YouTube touching Tesla coils and why can’t I touch yours
well first of all the people on YouTube touching Tesla coils are usually
touching really small ones there’s very little power contain these battery power
and things of these yo 12-volt that looks like you get your cell phone
charger and it powers your Tesla coil that’s very very low power stuff so by
the time that power enters your body it’s not significant that really is what
it comes down to the thing is we’re doing this with 30 kilowatts here we’re
not doing this with 3 watts so this stuff is really powerful and the amount
of average power that it can put into a person is truly disturbing so if you’re
interacting these art you have to do 30 you don’t really have a choice 1.4 mega
watts doesn’t go well with a person the 30 kilowatts of average power cooks
anything that you put in the arc but the Faraday suit allows all that current to
flow directly around you straight to ground where it’s totally safe so when
we have a large Tesla coil making a large arc what we’re doing for Thor’s
hammer and Captain America shield here we’re growing the arc it’s it’s growing
almost like a crystal grows it’s so when you see this big art that’s 20 feet long
coming out of one point it’s not actually what’s happening at all if you
bring it down frame by frame and you look at it especially if you’re looking
at it via something that’s really fast you can see that the arc is growing in
sections so we’ll start with a pulse that’s maybe a few hundred thousand
volts and that pulse might make an arc that’s this long and then before that
plasma channel dies off we’ll send another pulse of current into that
plasma channel and it’ll add an arc that long to the end of it again and it’ll
renew the original plasma channel as well until we get to a point where the
plasma channel at the end can no longer be sustained before the one at the
beginning falls away it’s pretty cool the way this actually happens not a lot
of people realize that a Tesla coil happens this way so for more information
about any of these Tesla coils visit our website Tesla coil calm or
actually look us up we’re trying to get a good YouTube channel up so hopefully
you’ll be able to see us on our new YouTube channel this is the control box do anything else yeah actually we can do
our yeah yeah I’ve got a Wi-Fi control prototype in there too okay we need to
build a little control box for one of our projects that looks like this that
looks awesome never broke that is awesome yeah every time a new things are coming
they’re all customs so we have to tell them basically these sizes represented
our best guess at the type of actors no I can’t jump into my arms I’m surprised I’m wearing chain is this possible well it’s possible but
like my legs have to go forwards because I can’t go back because the chain mails
too tight yup that’s how balancing a bike on your heels and front actually
this you can you ride a bike yes this might be this right then he brought her
with his flexibility in the loose suit one of the fun things you can do with
Tesla coils is play music we’re gonna see if it’s possible to call
lightning to Thor’s hammer your ancestors called it magic and you call
it science well from where I come from there one the same well I hope you guys enjoyed that video
and I hope you’re excited for a big make it real project featuring Thor’s hammer
that’s just one part of the video so make sure you subscribe notifications
turned on and a huge thank you to apply Tesla technology please subscribe to
their YouTube channel and check out their website for some more awesome

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  1. Hey James and Ian, we really enjoyed having you guys down here to hang out with us! Love the video and can't wait to see the rest of the footage.

  2. Oooh. So that’s how The Undertaker in WWE does his lighting effect intro. I have been looking how he did that effect for a long time. But, I am kinda confused.

  3. I'm glad I watched that escape room a while ago! It introduced me to one of the best channels on youtube! HowToBasi– nah I'm just kidding😂 it introduced me to The Hacksmith of course.

  4. ALL OF THIS IS TO MAKE ME STRONGER ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡🙍

  5. If this gets a 100 likes you have to make a glove that makes you shoot lightning out of your fingers like emperor palpatine from star wars

  6. teacher: what instrument do you play?
    Me: Tesla coil, With 1 M Volt 🙂
    teacher: ….. (calls the psychiatric hospital)
    Me: >:(

  7. There's something like this on a show called "The white rabbit project" which is on Netflix on the episode called "superpowers".

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