Engage customers with Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agents


By now, you’ve probably heard of Virtual Agents— —those amazing little bots that have,
well, virtually transformed Customer Service. But have you heard of Power Virtual Agents?
Hmm?… They’re new, from Microsoft. And what makes them so powerful you ask? Well, they’re even easier to use for all
kinds of things beyond just Customer Service You can use them for HR, Sales,
any domain or channel imaginable. Virtually anywhere you want to engage customers; on the web, Skype, FaceBook,
PowerApps, you name it. You can build a Power Virtual Agent for that. They’re super easy to build,
too—anyone can do it There’s no code to get started,
no AI expertise needed, and you can be up and running in minutes. But if you want to add code or,
say, some more complex capabilities, Microsoft’s Cognitive Services and
Bot Framework is just a few clicks away, so you can go as deep as you like. And because they’re already integrated
with Microsoft’s Power Platform, you can use hundreds of pre-built connectors so your bot can talk to your
backend systems with a few clicks – or easily add capabilities like
using Microsoft Power Automate to call an API. Lastly, they’re powerfully smart;
learning every day, and using AI to suggest new topics
to build as users interact with it So, ready to make your own
Power Virtual Agent? Just head on over to aka.ms/tryPVA
and try it free for a limited time. And unlock what’s next

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