VOLT BIKE vs BUGATTI VEYRON!! | Roblox Jailbreak Train Update

Okay, so going high suspension actually should we go low suspension? To jailbreak, I’m here as a police officer. This time as opposed to the typical Going prisoner and going for max bounty and stuff because today we’re doing something pretty exciting. Let’s go over here to this cop car It’s so weird being able […]

Electric Current: Crash Course Physics #28

Imagine you’re floating down a river. Maybe the stream is calm and serene, flowing without obstruction. Or perhaps it’s a rushing river, churning and splashing over rocks! Well, the way water moves in a river is a lot like how electricity flows through a wire. But when we say that electricity is flowing, we’re really […]

‘Deal with the Devil’ Ep. 8 Preview | Power Season 6 | STARZ

I want you to leave the street behind you or it’s gonna be too late Tariq. Just like you did, huh? Be careful, ’cause after today, everything you do, is being watched. If anybody gives you a hard time, especially the cops, you just come and tell me. The feds are closing in LaKeisha. You’re […]

Power Season 6 | Official Trailer | STARZ

Let me ask you a question. When you look in the mirror, what do you even see? I try so hard. [ gun cocks ] I can’t change what I did, but I can change what I do now. He couldn’t even be there for his family at a time we needed him most. How […]

Wie funktioniert ein Generator?

How ELECTRICITY works – working principle

hey there guys Paul here from the engineering mindset dot com in this video we are going to be looking at how electricity works now this is pretty essential knowledge for any engineer so we’ll run through the basic parts of what you need to know so let’s start at the very basics and for […]

What is electricity? – Electricity Explained – (1)

Electricity is vital to our civilization. So what is electricity and how does it work? To explain electricity we need to zoom passed the molecular and into the atomic level. Atoms are the smallest things we can kind of see, but not with the naked eye: Only with a scanning tunnelling microscope can we get […]

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