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Engage customers with Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agents

By now, you’ve probably heard of Virtual Agents— —those amazing little bots that have, well, virtually transformed Customer Service. But have you heard of Power Virtual Agents? Hmm?… They’re new, from Microsoft. And what makes them so powerful you ask? Well, they’re even easier to use for all kinds of things beyond just Customer Service […]

Power Your Apps with Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Sheets, Slides, and More! (Cloud Next ’18)

Why fascism is so tempting — and how your data could power it | Yuval Noah Harari

Hello, everyone. It’s a bit funny, because I did write that humans will become digital, but I didn’t think it will happen so fast and that it will happen to me. But here I am, as a digital avatar, and here you are, so let’s start. And let’s start with a question. How many fascists […]

So I Created A Fursona Generator…

So I was thinking about making some kind of neural network to cure cancer… but then I stumbled upon this video by Avery Miller and thought “Hey, furries would be fun!” He tried training a GAN to generate fursonas, but his results were not so great. And I thought maybe I could improve it. So […]

What Makes a Good Image Generator AI?

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is Two Minute Papers with Károly Zsolnai-Fehér. In this series, we frequently talk about Generative Adversarial networks, or GANs in short. This means a pair of neural networks that battle each over time to master a task, for instance, to generate realistic looking images from a written description. Here you see […]

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