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Future China: A Peaceful Power? | Yunling Zhang | TEDxKFAS

Translator: Jaegun Lee Reviewer: Denise RQ Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to talk about China because China is really a great focus. Wherever you go, they talk about China. Great attention. Why? I think, number one: China is too fast. Three decades ago, when China started its reform, nobody projected that China […]

USAID Brings Electricity to Maridi, southern Sudan

Government of Southern Sudan joined Western Equatoria state authorities and officials from the United States Government and members of Maridi community to inaugurate the town’s first power generation and electricity distribution system. This is the third electrification project in southern Sudan funded by the American people. The first such project in Yei was completed in […]

USAID Brings Electricity to Kapoeta, southern Sudan

Electricity is one of the infrastructure needs for production of commodities that improve the standard of living. Electricity promotes industrialization, therefore providing employment opportunity. It also reduces dependency on firewood and charcoal. Therefore, the launch of power installation at Kapoeta to provide electricity is a good development. The official inauguration of electricity project which was […]

Electricity at all costs: Kribi gas-powered electricity station

Just a few families those who were living at the center near the plant were compensated and relocated but those who remained, living 100 meters 200 to 400 meters from the site are still there. They have been left behind and they are the ones still bearing the full force of the activity of the […]

How to bring affordable, sustainable electricity to Africa | Rose M. Mutiso

So right now, nearly one billion people globally don’t have access to electricity in their homes. And in sub-Saharan Africa, more than half of the population remain in the dark. So you probably all know this image from NASA. There’s a name for this darkness. It’s called “energy poverty,” and it has massive implications for […]

Why nations should pursue “soft” power | Shashi Tharoor

As an Indian, and now as a politician and a government minister, I’ve become rather concerned about the hype we’re hearing about our own country, all this talk about India becoming a world leader, even the next superpower. In fact, the American publishers of my book, “The Elephant, The Tiger and the Cell Phone,” added […]

In the dark: Electricity a ‘luxury’ in poor Madagascar | AFP

Claudine and her family have been living in this makeshift tent for almost six months. Their home was one of 20 houses that burned down in this neighbourhood of Madagascar’s capital. The fire was caused by an electrical short-circuit. “The short-circuit started on that house over there, as the house is made of dry wood […]

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