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Mini-Nuclear Reactors Are Coming, and They Could Reinvent the Energy Industry

Pat, we have a reactor trip on Unit 5. Containment is isolated. Demon water is isolated. CVCS is isolated. DHR is in service. And pressurizer heater trips has occurred. All safety functions are green. Understand. We’ve got a reactor trip on Unit 5 and all safety functions are green. That’s correct. Ryan, can you take […]

The Power of Relationships in Schools

>>Teacher: You had so much to offer yesterday. You okay?>>Aiden: I’m tired.>>Teacher: So what’s going on?>>Dr Darling-Hammond: Strong relationships are central to the learning process.>>Dr Darling-Hammond: What the science of learning and development tells us is that we need to create learning environments, which allow for strong, long-term relationships for children to become attached to […]

NASA’s New Space Reactor Is Powered by Nuclear Fission

From a technology standpoint, there’s not too many greater challenges than nuclear power in space. The physics involved in it is quite intense — it has that luster of something totally different. We start with that highly enriched core, the splitting of the atoms generates that heat that we need at the right power levels, […]

The Power of Circuits #sciencegoals

Have you ever wondered how a flashlight works? Sure, it seems pretty simple…all you have to do is move a switch or press a button, and…ta da! The light comes on! But what really makes the light go on? Right you are, Squeaks! It’s electricity that makes the light go on. You probably already know […]

Exploring Static Electricity

Hi I am Jared welcome to Fun Science Demos. Check this out. How did I do that? What was going on there? Was it magic? No it was science. What you did not see me do is rub this straw on this fur and charge it up? Well what do I mean when I say […]

How Power Makes People Selfish

So there are regions of the frontal lobes that are now being called the empathy network and those regions of the brain do a lot of things, but what one of the things that they do is they can help us detect other people’s pain when you damaged in the empathy networks of your brain, […]

Could Poop Power Our Cars?

(Could poop power our cars?) DAVID WERNICK: There’s a lot of protein waste that we produce right now as a society that are not really used. In 2008, it was estimated that there’s about 1 billion tons of manure. That is a lot of manure that is not fully utilized. A good portion of that […]

Electricity and Electromagnetism | NCEA Level 2 Physics Strategy Video | StudyTime NZ

– Hi, I’m Mattias and this is Hattie, and welcome to StudyTime’s Level 2 Electricity and Magnetism exam strategy video. – This exam focuses on the science behind electricity and magnetism. Where there’s two separate phenomena and together as electromagnetism. It’s really important for understanding the behavior of everyday objects, and it’s also ones of […]

WHAT IF electricity suddenly disappeared

Did you know that on 15 June 1752, Benjamin Franklin conducted his prominent experiment where he launched a kite into a storm cloud aiming to collect electricity. In a year Russian scientist Georg Richmann attempted to replicate the experiment but this attempt didn’t end well. He was killed by a ball lightning in the process. […]

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