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Relaxation time: Current Electricity – 01 For Class 12th

So today onward we will start a new chapter This is a major chapter of our syllabus of class 12th We will start with CURRENT ELECTRICITY OK Now in this chapter we are going to study about the phenomenon related to the motion of charges When charges are flowing or when charges are in motion […]

Electric Current & Electric Circuits (JEL01B)

dear students, now we’ll start the topic of current electricity. and in this topic, the very 1st thing we’re going to discuss is about electric current in electric circuits. electric current is quite a familiar term for all of us, that in our house, without electric current, there won’t be any life, because the light, […]

1. Physics Lecture of 11th Class | Current Electricity | Electric Current | by Ashish Arora (GA)

dear students lets start with the topic of electric current. and, in your early classes you might have studied about the basic definition of current in which, we write that. rate of flow of charge. through. any cross section. of a conductor. in which current is flowing obviously we are talking about. is called. electric […]

5. Physics | Current Electricity | Analyzing Electrical Circuit Using KCL and KVL-3 | (GA)

in this illustration, we analyze this electric circuit using kirchhoff’s current law and voltage law. here, in the circuit shown in figure we are required to find, the current in this resistance, r. again here i’ll solve the circuit by, using kirchhoff’s current law, for which, i can, distribute the potential first. say if i […]

What is Electricity for Kids? || Science for Kids

Hello children! We have an awesome question today from Avery, age 4, from Portland, Oregon! Avery asks, “What is electricity?” Electricity is a type of energy. It is the flow of tiny particles called electrons. Electricity can be STATIC or CURRENT. Static Electricity is when it stays in one place. For example: Have you ever […]

Heating Effect of Electric Current (GA_JEL04A)

now we’ll discuss an important phenomenon related to electric current, that is heating effect of electric current. we can also write over here, that when, electric current, flows, through a metal wire, it gets heated up. and as we’ve discussed that, current is the flow of electric charges, so when charge flow inside a metal […]

20. Advance Illustration | Current Electricity | Extraneous Charge at the Dielectric Boundary | (GA)

in this illustration we’ll study about extraneous charges at the dielectric boundary. here we are given that a parallel plate capacitor is filed up with 2 dielectric layers, 1 and 2. with thickness is d 1 and d 2. and dielectric constants k 1 and k 2, and with resistivity is ro 1 and ro […]

1. Physics | Current Electricity | Resistance of a Conductor with Varying Cross-Section | (GA)

here in this illustration, we’ll discuss about the resistance of a conductor with varying cross section. here you can see the figure shows a conductor of length l. and having a cross section which is varying. and, the radius of cross section varies linearly from, radius ay to b. and the resistivity of material given […]

19. Advance Illustration | Current Electricity | Equivalent Resistance of an Infinite Grid

in this illustration we’ll demonstrate you how to calculate the equivalent resistance of an infinite grid. here the figure shows an infinite wire grid with square cells, and the resistance of each wire between neighboring junction is r. and here we are required to find the equivalent resistance of the grid across these 2 points, […]

Magnetic Effects of Electric Current (JEL08A)

now we’ll study about the magnetic effects of electric current. in previous section we’ve studied about heating effects of electric current, similar to that, when electric current is passed, through a metal wire, it produces magnetic effect. here we can write about it that, when, electric current, is passed, through a wire, it behaves, like […]

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