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Refrigeration without Electricity

This project originated through the University of Dayton’s ETHOS program that sends engineering students overseas to work in developing countries to meet their immediate needs. Part of the ETHOS philosophy is solving engineering challenges using appropriate technology. So using locally available materials and techniques to try to build an engineering solution. This came out of […]

Making Cooler/Generator with Thermoelectric Device

Hi, I got my hands on a bunch of these Thermoelectric Peltier devices ,thanks to Circuit Specialists. I’ve never used them before but, from what I know when you apply electricity to them they pump heat. Well, let’s power it with 12 volt DC. I know the theory -(gets shocked) Sh** ow(gets shocked again) I […]

Painful Experiments with Van De Graaff Generator

Hi! After the pain-staking process of pain-staking…pains-taking Fine! After the pains-taking process of explaining and putting the Van de Graaff machine together in my last video. I can freely experiment with it now. Basically this machine creates super high DC voltages that’s charged in its capacitance. Which is basically between its top dome and the […]

Building a Van De Graaff HIGH VOLTAGE Generator

Hi, I like to make a Van De Graaff machine to make super high voltages This machine is invented by Robert J. Van De Graaff and works based on Triboelectric Effect Which is basically if two certain different material rub against each other They become electrically charged one of the two materials Pulls electrons from […]

Electricity and Magnetism Course

Binary Distillation with Open Steam Heating

So in this example we have a binary distillation column and we are going to get rid of our reboiler. And so now we have nothing to send our vapor stream back to our column. However if we decided to use the direct application of steam and pull our bottom stream from the bottom of […]


Now let’s talk about vertical symmetry Now you can see that vertically this figure is symmetrical If we draw a line like this both halves will be symmetrical vertical symmetry is present when a mirror divides the circuit in such a way to produce mirror images and “a” & “b” lies on the opposite sides […]

Heat Pipe Overview and Explanation

ATS has released their newest family of products and services. Flat and round heat pipes with heat pipe design services. Heat pipes are closed evaporator condenser systems with a very high heat flux transport capability. Heat Pipes consist of an evaporator, an adiabatic section, and a condenser section. Various working fluids are used in the […]

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