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Advantage of Fuelless Generator “Review”

The advantages of fuel less generators: • A fuel less generator does not need or depend on fuel (petrol or diesel) and it has nothing whatsoever to do with solar energy, wind energy or inverters. • It preserves the safety of our immediate environment from noise and air pollution because it is noiseless and smokeless. […]

The Hendershot Generator – How Does It Work “Review 2013 in HD”

How Does This Hendershot Generator Works There were many variations of the generator that all seemed to work — producing up to 300 watts. Hendershot’s creations were made with a basket-weave coil containing inner cylindrical capacitors, a vibrator circuit, and solenoid coils separated from a magnet by a soft iron bar between two transformers. Many […]

Ryobi 16 in. ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-ion Hybrid Cordless or Corded Lawn Mower

Man I wish there was just a better way. All these wires. I wonder, is there a way that I can take a drill battery and plug it in so I had no more wires. As I sit back and imagine how much life could be much easier not having cords, I realize something. That […]

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