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Jimmy Tries Out Republican Excuse Generator

-You guys, I want to say congrats to the New York Yankees, who are moving on to the American League Championship Series. [ Cheers and applause ] And congrats to the Mets, who are moving on to binge-watch season 8 of “Friends.” That’s fantastic. Yeah, you could tell the Yankees were feeling good when they […]

The Scientific Power of Naps

TWO STORY FALLOUT 4 BOX FORT VAULT!!📦 ☢️ 24 Hour Challenge: NERF, Electricity & More!

we go check this out guys right inside the vault and there we’re in the hockey terminal room we got a pressurize lock here so we can keep all of the air secure in case there’s a breach pressurize there we go doors open this vault is huge guys hey what’s going on guys is […]

Making Cooler/Generator with Thermoelectric Device

Hi, I got my hands on a bunch of these Thermoelectric Peltier devices ,thanks to Circuit Specialists. I’ve never used them before but, from what I know when you apply electricity to them they pump heat. Well, let’s power it with 12 volt DC. I know the theory -(gets shocked) Sh** ow(gets shocked again) I […]

Trivia Time (ft. Trivia Boy) – Ten Minute Power Hour

Arin: Welcome to the Ten Minute Power Hour! Dan: Hello, welcome! A: Uh, my name’s Arin. D: And I’m Dan! A: And today is a very special day. Um, we’re gonna be doing some great things. We’re gonna be having a lot of fun. Are you excited Dan? D: I am excited! A: Yeah? D: […]

Painful Experiments with Van De Graaff Generator

Hi! After the pain-staking process of pain-staking…pains-taking Fine! After the pains-taking process of explaining and putting the Van de Graaff machine together in my last video. I can freely experiment with it now. Basically this machine creates super high DC voltages that’s charged in its capacitance. Which is basically between its top dome and the […]

This Superhero Squad Has a Discrimination Problem (feat. Brenda Song & Rob Huebel) – Key & Peele

– ♪ Saving earth from space ♪ ♪ Power Falcons! ♪ – [roars] [falcon screech] [growls] – Yellow Falcon, what do your senses tell ya? – Destructo is a killing machine. – [growls] – His armor is impervious to our blasters. You got any ideas, Red Falcon? – Sure do, Yellow Falcon. Blue Falcon, you […]

Building a Van De Graaff HIGH VOLTAGE Generator

Hi, I like to make a Van De Graaff machine to make super high voltages This machine is invented by Robert J. Van De Graaff and works based on Triboelectric Effect Which is basically if two certain different material rub against each other They become electrically charged one of the two materials Pulls electrons from […]

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