Why 50Hz in India | Why 60Hz in USA | Historical FACTS of electricity

Hello Everyone, today we are going to discuss: Why in India we use 50 Hz for Electrical power while in US, they are using 60 Hz, but we use 50 Hz. Now one would answer normally because British was using 50 Hz that’s why we also used same standard that is 50 Hz. Now question […]

West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company–WBSEDCL,Engineering Jobs,Careers,GATE,Eligibility

Hello All..This is Manju Thomas from Freshersworld.com Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the jobs and careers of West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited – WBSEDCL It was initially the West Bengal state electricity board or WBSEB which was the electricity board owned by the […]

Superposition Theorem Explained (with Examples)

Hey friends, welcome to the YouTube channel ALL ABOUT ELECTRONICS. So, in this video, we will learn about the Superposition theorem in the electrical circuits. So, in this video we will see some features of this superposition theorem, like under which condition this superposition theorem can be applied, what is the usefulness of the superposition […]

Voltage, Current and Power explained

Hey friends, welcome to the youtube channel ALL ABOUT ELECTRONICS. Today we will see the concept of current, voltage and power in the electrical circuits. And we will see that how they are related to each other. So, let’s start with the current. So what is current? So, in simple terms, it can be defined […]

DC Generator operation Animated (Subtitles Included)_ PiSquare Academy

Hello Everybody! in today’s lecture we are going to see the operation of DC generator, this lecture is divided into three parts in the first part we will understand the basic concepts of Force acting on the conductor, in the second part emf induced in an armature conductor and in third part, how do we […]

Supermesh Explained (with examples)

hey friends welcome to the YouTube channel all about electronics so in this video we’ll understand the concept of super mesh in the electrical circuit so before we understand the concept of super mesh let us understand the mesh analysis method the electrical circuit as it will help us in understand the concept of super […]

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