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Making Cooler/Generator with Thermoelectric Device

Hi, I got my hands on a bunch of these Thermoelectric Peltier devices ,thanks to Circuit Specialists. I’ve never used them before but, from what I know when you apply electricity to them they pump heat. Well, let’s power it with 12 volt DC. I know the theory -(gets shocked) Sh** ow(gets shocked again) I […]

Painful Experiments with Van De Graaff Generator

Hi! After the pain-staking process of pain-staking…pains-taking Fine! After the pains-taking process of explaining and putting the Van de Graaff machine together in my last video. I can freely experiment with it now. Basically this machine creates super high DC voltages that’s charged in its capacitance. Which is basically between its top dome and the […]

Building a Van De Graaff HIGH VOLTAGE Generator

Hi, I like to make a Van De Graaff machine to make super high voltages This machine is invented by Robert J. Van De Graaff and works based on Triboelectric Effect Which is basically if two certain different material rub against each other They become electrically charged one of the two materials Pulls electrons from […]

What is Electricity : Electricity explains for beginners

What is electricity…? In simply electricity is presents and flow of charges. It can be flow of positive charges, or it can be your negative charges. That is very brief explanation. to understand the fundamentals of electricity we need to begin by focusing on atoms. An atom contains two types of charged particles. Positive particles […]

Use a Modbus TCP Device with groov View and a groov EPIC PR1 controller

Good day. In this video we’re going to go over the steps required to communicate with a Modbus TCP device using groov view. I’m going to be using this groov EPIC Learning Center. Now it’s perfect for learning more about groov EPIC or doing a proof of concept project. I’m also going to be using […]

Magnetic Field | #aumsum

Our topic for today is Magnetic Field. You are late again. Hurry up. Something is wrong. The region surrounding a magnet in which the force of the magnet can be experienced is called its magnetic field. Seems like a nice spot to relax. It’s an alien ship. We must be careful. Run. Take a bar […]

Chemical EFFECTS of Electric CURRENTS Part 2- Physics Class 8th CBSE #12

When electric current is passed through a liquid, a chemical reaction takes place, so it is said to cause a chemical effect. For example of a chemical effect, when electricity is passed through electrodes in acidified water, the water decomposes into the two elements it’s made of, Oxygen and Hydrogen. Water, electricity passes through it, […]

Stopping Electricity – Faraday Cages

In 1755, Benjamin Franklin, curious about the workings of electricity, began testing various hypotheses. In one of his experiments, Franklin took an electrified silver can and dangled an uncharged cork ball (attached to a non-conductive silk string) into the can. The cork ball was not attracted to the interior of the electrified can. Puzzled, Franklin […]

The UK Is Racing to Build the World’s First Commercial Fusion Power Plant

We’re struggling to figure out what the future of sustainable energy looks like on our planet, and there are a lot of different directions we could go. The UK, however, made a bold move when they recently announced a huge investment in a prototype fusion power facility that could be functioning as a commercial power […]

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