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Engage customers with Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agents

By now, you’ve probably heard of Virtual Agents— —those amazing little bots that have, well, virtually transformed Customer Service. But have you heard of Power Virtual Agents? Hmm?… They’re new, from Microsoft. And what makes them so powerful you ask? Well, they’re even easier to use for all kinds of things beyond just Customer Service […]

Connect a roadmap row to a project in Project Online

– To connect a row to Project Online, either choose an existing row, or add a new one by selecting Add row. Add a title, and choose an Owner. Choose Connect to a project, then Project Online. Click the check mark to verify the URL of your Project Web App site. If a URL doesn’t […]

Miami HEAT energizes fans with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe

[MUSIC].>>We make people happy. Whether it’s a little kid coming to their first game or season folks that have been coming for years, the smiles on their faces when big plays happen, when the act first gets on stage for concerts, that moment is what we live for, and that experience is powered by Adobe […]

Inside the Microsoft Power Platform | Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and more

(upbeat techno music) (applause) – Hello and welcome to Microsoft Mechanics Live. Coming up, we’re joined by CVP Charles Lamanna the leader of Microsoft’s Power Platform and we’re gonna show you how you can use the Power Platform to build low to zero code, intelligent, scalable and automated cross-device apps in a fraction of the […]

MacBook Pro 2018 review: can it stand the heat?

– The new MacBook Pros are here with modern processors, and a slightly newer keyboard, and True Tone displays. But here’s a question: is what’s here actually enough to make professionals trust these machines? You know what, before we get into all of that, we should honestly just start with the basics. This MacBook Pro […]

Kai’s Power Goo – Classic ’90s Funware! [LGR Retrospective]

(typing) (jazz music) Kai’s Power Goo. It’s kinda tough to describe what exactly made this program so enjoyable back when it released in 1996, because while its features were unique at the time, they’re almost pedestrian nowadays. The entire front of the box here is literally just a screenshot of the program, which indicates what […]

Sea of Thieves Infinite Pirate Generator – choose your pirate

Hey it’s Ricardo and look what’s happened see a thieves has actually gone live for those people who had pre-ordered off the Internet today I mean we actually got our game on Saturday though the server’s weren’t live and it was a video all about that now however we able to load it up all […]

Harnessing Electricity To Communicate

Hello from Redmond. The Education Workshop’s been thinking a lot about electricity and the vital role it has played in the changing world of communications. We are excited to present a collection of hands-on activities that will guide your students from the invention of the electrical circuit to the development of the Telegraph. The lesson […]

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