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Why 50Hz in India | Why 60Hz in USA | Historical FACTS of electricity

Hello Everyone, today we are going to discuss: Why in India we use 50 Hz for Electrical power while in US, they are using 60 Hz, but we use 50 Hz. Now one would answer normally because British was using 50 Hz that’s why we also used same standard that is 50 Hz. Now question […]

Win Your Prize! I Need Electricity…..【Online Claw Machine】

Hi everyone! It’s Rin Asobi Oh? What? What’s going on? [gasps] It’s getting dark? Eh? My connection with the real world isn’t good? Game start Oh So you could move the claw right Oh Nice nice Oh! It gives you a really clear view Did I go too far? Oh Okay Hmm Let’s watch it […]

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