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Future China: A Peaceful Power? | Yunling Zhang | TEDxKFAS

Translator: Jaegun Lee Reviewer: Denise RQ Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to talk about China because China is really a great focus. Wherever you go, they talk about China. Great attention. Why? I think, number one: China is too fast. Three decades ago, when China started its reform, nobody projected that China […]

How governments can better direct Australia’s electricity market – Grattan Institute

Australia’s electricity system has for the last more than 20 years been based upon a fundamental principle, and that is that if governments were to implement a well regulated well-structured and well managed market, that would be the best way to deliver affordable and reliable energy for households and businesses. When things go wrong, and […]

Electricity Prices in Europe

The EU wants to create a single energy market in Europe. The Commission hopes that its Energy Union strategy will make Europe’s energy supply more secure, affordable and climate-friendly. But the energy market is currently highly fragmented, and focused on national interests. The price that the average European household pays per kWh of electricity has […]

Paddy Ashdown: The global power shift

There’s a poem written by a very famous English poet at the end of the 19th century. It was said to echo in Churchill’s brain in the 1930s. And the poem goes: “On the idle hill of summer, lazy with the flow of streams, hark I hear a distant drummer, drumming like a sound in […]

Why China Will Not Become the Dominant Power in Asia

-Paul Dibb: When John Lee and I decided to get together to write this 8000 word article, for security challenges, we thought we’d do what in my experience academics rarely do, and that is join with John together the disciplines of economics and strategic studies into a one discipline approach. We were, when I asked […]

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