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Top 10 Power Rangers Opening Themes | Power Rangers Theme Songs | Superheroes

♫ Go go Power Rangers ♫ Go go Power Rangers ♫ Go go Power Rangers ♫ Mighty Morphing Power Rangers ♫ Go go Power Rangers ♫ Go go Power Rangers ♫ Go go Power Rangers ♫ You Mighty Morphing Power Rangers ♫ Shift into turbo ♫ Mighty engines roar ♫ Turbocharged for more ♫ Drive […]

Power Rangers Jungle Fury – First Morph and Fight | Episode 1 “Welcome to the Jungle”

Argh! (heroic music) Look, human! I don’t know about you two, but I think it’s time to show them what we’ve got. ♫ Power Rangers (electronic whirring) [Both] Ready! Jungle beast, spirit unleashed! ♫ Cause we’re the Power Rangers Jungle Fury ♫ We’re fast and strong unstoppable ♫ Here comes the Power Rangers Jungle Fury […]

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge – All Megazord Fights | Episodes 1-22 | Neo-Saban Dinosaurs

[Rangers] Dino Charger, ready! Summon Zords! [Zords] Dino Charger, engage! Plesio Charge Megazord, engage! Zords combine! Plesio Charge Megazord, Pachy Formation, ready! [Rangers] Dino Drive, activate! [Tyler] Let’s send this ice pop packing! [Iceage] Not yet, dino dweebs! Vivizords, attack! [Koda] Let’s take Megazord for a spin! [Tyler] Pachy Zord Wrecking Ball! (explosion echoes) [Chase] […]

Power Rangers Ninja Steel – 3 Red Rangers | Episode 20 “Galvanax Rises” | Superheroes

[Galvanax] What, they’re both gone, and the Ninja Nexus Prism appeared in their place! Just like last time! What, three Red Ninja Power Stars!? Impossible! Wait, come back, I want those stars! Is that two? Brody. Is that you? [Brody] Hey, brother. [Levi] I thought you were gone. [Galvanax] What just happened? So did I. […]

Power Rangers Ninja Steel – All Official Opening Themes | Theme Song

(upbeat rock music) ♪ Go, go ♪ ♪ Power Rangers Ninja Steel ♪ ♪ Crushing evil with all their might together, Ninja Steel ♪ ♪ Never give up without a fight together, Ninja Steel ♪ ♪ Ninja Rangers fear no danger ♪ ♪ Go go, Power Rangers ♪ ♪ Go go, Power Rangers ♪ ♪ […]

All Power Rangers Anniversary Team Up Battles | Forever Red, Once a Ranger, Legendary Battle Episode

10 Red Rangers!? Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s do it guys! It’s morphin’ time! Tyrannosaurus! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! It’s morphin’ time! Red Zeo Ranger! (yells) Shift into Turbo! Red Turbo Ranger! (yells) Let’s rocket! [Voiceover] Three, three, five. Red Space Ranger! Go galactic! Go galactic! Lightspeed Rescue! (energy hums) Red Lightspeed Ranger! […]

Lord Zedd’s First Scene in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers | Robert Axelrod

(thunder crashing) Oh no, where is he, where is he? I am Lord Zed, emperor of all he sees! You have failed to complete the mission assigned to you. I will now resume command. Prepare the palace for my return! (ominous orchestral music) (shelf rattles) (thunder crashes) Lord Zed has returned! Ohh, he’s gonna ruin […]

Avengers Endgame | Power Rangers Legendary Battle Style | Epic Superheroes | Neo-Saban

(Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Theme Music)

Blue Rangers Team Up Morph & Battle | Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 22 | Dino Charge

Argh! (evil laugh) Looks like you dropped something! Without this, you’ll never get back to your world! Unless of course you give me your Power Star! Not gonna happen. Fine then. You’re not going anywhere. Argh! (intense music) (evil laugh) (screech) (laser fires) What!? Gaah! [Sledge] No! Where am I? That creature looks familiar. I […]

All Power Rangers Morphs | It’s Morphin Time | Power Ranger Superheroes Compilation | Beast Morphers

Wait! Use the Morphers, now! Pterodactyl! Sabertooth tiger! Mastodon! Triceratops! Tyrannosaurus! [All] Power Rangers! It’s morphin’ time! Dragonzord! Mastodon! Pterodactyl! Triceratops! Sabertooth tiger! Tyrannosaurus! [All] Yeah! We’re back, and we’re ready to morph into action! Six working together to fight evil. And stop Rita. And all her menacing monsters. From destroying our planet earth. And […]

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