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Advantage of Fuelless Generator “Review”

The advantages of fuel less generators: • A fuel less generator does not need or depend on fuel (petrol or diesel) and it has nothing whatsoever to do with solar energy, wind energy or inverters. • It preserves the safety of our immediate environment from noise and air pollution because it is noiseless and smokeless. […]

Christmas This Man just paid off the past dues for 36 Families at risk of losing their electricity

When Michael Esmond got his utility bills — due December 26 — his mind went straight to the 1980s, when he had trouble making ends meet. So the Florida business owner found out who in his Gulf Breeze community was at risk of having their utilities disconnected. Then, he paid 36 families’ bills ahead of […]

Star Wars Felemelkedés

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1 Episodes 1-60 Season Recap | Superheroes History

[Man] What do you think it is? [Man] It looks like a giant space dumpster. [Man] Let’s open her up. [Man] Let’s get outta here! All right, we’re out! Rita, wake up, wake up. We’re free. Ah! It’s Rita. She’s escaped and she’s attacking the planet. Ayayay! What do we do? Come on board to […]

This Young Scientist Is Bringing Cheap Electricity To Those Without It

For over one fifth of the global population, this darkness is a permanent reality, and I wanted to make a difference. The ultimate goal is to actually deploy Harvest so people across the world, especially in Third World countries, can have access to electricity. I started off by experimenting with this piezoelectric effect, and it’s […]

Power Rangers Turbo Episodes 1-45 Season Recap | Retro Kids Superheroes History

(rock music) ♪ Go ♪ Shift to the Turbo. ♪ Go Power Rangers Turbo ♪ Whoa. ♪ Go Power Rangers Turbo, Go ♪ (laughter) [Tommy] Let’s do it. ♪ Shift into Turbo ♪ ♪ Target fixed on lock ♪ ♪ Evil take a walk ♪ ♪ Rangers set to rock ♪ ♪ Go, Power Rangers […]

The Hendershot Generator – How Does It Work “Review 2013 in HD”

How Does This Hendershot Generator Works There were many variations of the generator that all seemed to work — producing up to 300 watts. Hendershot’s creations were made with a basket-weave coil containing inner cylindrical capacitors, a vibrator circuit, and solenoid coils separated from a magnet by a soft iron bar between two transformers. Many […]


[ Ambient City ] [ Music On ] Just got up Early in the morning And I see your eyes Looking at me And I just thought This it is not a dream… your love And we still over here. Just me and you In the malecón in a flying cloud I’m going With the […]

Power Rangers Dino Charge Episodes 1-20 Season Recap | Superheroes History | Neo-Saban Dinosaurs

(dinosaurs roaring) (epic music) (sighs) Gather around, my friends. You are the mightiest creatures on the planet. I need your help. These are the legendary Energems. Their incredible power transcends space and time, good and evil. Your spirits will bond with them and keep them safe. If they fall into evil hands, the entire universe […]

Power Rangers Super Samurai Episodes 1-20 Season Recap | Superheroes History | Neo-Saban

(dramatic music) (electronic whirring) (phone beeping) (energy humming) [Antonio] This time’s gotta work. I can’t fail my friends! (dramatic music) Guys, I did it! Huh? Antonio? Gold is good! But right now, black is better! Black box is ready! Let’s see what it can do! (beeping) Super Samurai Mode! (dramatic music) (energy whirring) Huh! You’re […]

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