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Mini-Nuclear Reactors Are Coming, and They Could Reinvent the Energy Industry

Pat, we have a reactor trip on Unit 5. Containment is isolated. Demon water is isolated. CVCS is isolated. DHR is in service. And pressurizer heater trips has occurred. All safety functions are green. Understand. We’ve got a reactor trip on Unit 5 and all safety functions are green. That’s correct. Ryan, can you take […]

Refrigeration without Electricity

This project originated through the University of Dayton’s ETHOS program that sends engineering students overseas to work in developing countries to meet their immediate needs. Part of the ETHOS philosophy is solving engineering challenges using appropriate technology. So using locally available materials and techniques to try to build an engineering solution. This came out of […]

Energy Saving Devices -shows How to Save Electricity 25%!

so i set up this Electrical Power Saver demonstration kit here to show you exactly how it works I have a show you exactly how it works i have a motor that came out of an air conditioner we have our unit Power Corrector we have a meter here that is going to measure how […]

The power of the placebo effect – Emma Bryce

In 1996, 56 volunteers took part in a study to test a new painkiller called Trivaricaine. On each subject, one index finger was covered in the new painkiller while the other remained untouched. Then, both were squeezed in painful clamps. The subjects reported that the treated finger hurt less than the untreated one. This shouldn’t […]

⚡ Playing with 1 MILLION VOLTS ⚡

we’re gonna see if you can call lightning to Thor’s hammer what’s that noise? hey guys so I think one of the coolest things about running a YouTube channel is you never know who’s watching your videos so I got a little story a few months ago we posted a vlog update and in that […]

The Power of Relationships in Schools

>>Teacher: You had so much to offer yesterday. You okay?>>Aiden: I’m tired.>>Teacher: So what’s going on?>>Dr Darling-Hammond: Strong relationships are central to the learning process.>>Dr Darling-Hammond: What the science of learning and development tells us is that we need to create learning environments, which allow for strong, long-term relationships for children to become attached to […]

How to Program Your Automatic Generator Start Module

Hi, this is Josh with Solar Tech TV from Wholesale Solar, and today we’re going to go over how to program your Magnum power center to work with a Kohler 14 res a generator using the Magnum auto gen start module. This is no substitute for reading the installation manual but it’s meant to help […]

Power Season 6 Episode 4 Trailer | What Did We Miss In The Power Season 6 Episode 4 Trailer

remember when you said that she was gonna stick with me no matter how bad things got do you better mean power season 6 episode 4 drop the trailer the other day and we’re gonna go through it frame by frame to see if we can spot any clues to let us know what’s going […]


Take look at the picture on the screen. Over here you will find that there are many loops over here, which have been generated with the help of a single conductor. Now this is a copper wire. Earlier we have studied that how we can twist a copper wire in the shape of a circular […]

NASA’s New Space Reactor Is Powered by Nuclear Fission

From a technology standpoint, there’s not too many greater challenges than nuclear power in space. The physics involved in it is quite intense — it has that luster of something totally different. We start with that highly enriched core, the splitting of the atoms generates that heat that we need at the right power levels, […]

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