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How To Train Your Body To Survive Extreme Cold and Heat – Science Experiment

We’ve all been there, one moment you’re lying in bed comfortably wrapped up in a cocoon of blankets, blissfully warm and peaceful. Then the next your alarm is going off and before you know it you’re trudging through another cold winter morning to go work eight hours at a job you hate, trying not to […]

Lab-Volt Advanced Mechatronics System (Model 5903)

The Advanced Mechatronics System, or AMS, is a training system that answers the needs of vocational schools, technical colleges and maintenance training centers seeking a cost-effective program to train operators. The AMS reproduces a modern packaging line and integrates cutting-edge technologies. Students learn about pneumatic distribution, filling, quality control, sorting, storage and retrieval, network communication, […]

Electricity and Electromagnetism | NCEA Level 2 Physics Strategy Video | StudyTime NZ

– Hi, I’m Mattias and this is Hattie, and welcome to StudyTime’s Level 2 Electricity and Magnetism exam strategy video. – This exam focuses on the science behind electricity and magnetism. Where there’s two separate phenomena and together as electromagnetism. It’s really important for understanding the behavior of everyday objects, and it’s also ones of […]

PG&E Teaches Linemen How to Work on Energized Power Lines

What does it take for linemen to safely work on energized power lines carrying up 500,000 volts of electricity? Training.  Lots of training. In May, PG&E completed annual training for a special group of linemen who perform upgrades, maintenance and repairs on energized transmission power lines that carry 60,000 to 500,000 volts of electricity. The […]

University of YOUTH POWER!

University of YOUTH POWER! is your opportunity to have fun while building your career. With changing systems and the growing field of youth peer support, this for-youth-by-youth social justice conference is driven by our network for young leaders and community organizers across the state. Whether it’s disability rights, mental health, addiction, foster care, juvenile justice, […]

How to use W1209 Temperature relay controller and program the thermostat

hi welcome to Robojax in this video I’m going to introduce this w1209 temperature control module. This is one of the best and easy to use module that you can get. It doesn’t need anything else like Arduino or anything it has a temperature sensor so you can connect it here and it’s about 50 […]

Olympic Cyclist Vs. Toaster: Can He Power It?

Okey, you feel ready? Everything’s okey with the handlebar seatpost, shoes, suit? Everyone on positions, we’re getting ready for take remember that when Robert loses power the toaster will pop up. You can feel like taste of blood in your mouth. Wan’t to lie down? My legs hurts hard. The monster is beaten. Nobody can […]

Vitor: Teaser 3 – Tomorrow Rising Web Series | Schneider Electric

. My name is Vitor. I am 24 years old. One day, my father lost his job. And since one misfortune never comes by itself, I lost my job too. My family had big financial concerns. I had to change the situation. I chose a path that completely changed my life. Electricity pretty much chose […]

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