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How Does a Fresh Water Generator Work?

This lesson will give a short introduction on the working principles of the Alfa Laval freshwater generator the function of the freshwater generator is to convert seawater into freshwater by vacuum distillation for the supply of high-quality fresh water for domestic and process utilization it is made for installation on ships and rigs and remote […]

How to Replace an Electric Water Heater Heating Element

A typical electric water heater uses two heating elements to heat and maintain hot water. A defective heating element will not produce any heat, causing the water heater to make only a little hot water before it runs cold. If your water heater runs out of hot water quickly, then one of the two heating […]

NAIT students help eliminate electricity from fossil fuels in Cape Verde

We were tasked with completing a project with a company based out of Cape Verde in Africa This company wanted to take the island nation from a heavy dependence on fossil fuels and convert as much of the electrical grid as possible to more renewable energy They’re currently suffering from extremely high electricity prices which […]

Researchers come up with way to produce electricity from flowing water

When you think of green energy, solar or wind power springs to mind –but generating electricity from rain drops that fall against a window or roof? That’s one method local researchers have come up with, and they say that’s just the beginning of the technology’s potential. Sohn Jung-in explains. A piece of glass substrate is […]

Seattle City Light — Where Does Your Electricity Come From? (closed caption)

The mountains outside of Seattle accumulate a lot of snow. This snowpack, all this frozen water, has been used by the city of Seattle for over a century as a source of stored energy. As the snow melts, gravity takes over and the water makes its way to the streams and rivers that feed the […]

Electric shock-flood-high volt-static electricity-Why and how to prevent it 2/2

Hi, I am A-Shin. I introduced how electric shocks work in the last episode. And why electrical leakage occurred? In this episode, I will show how we get shocked underwater. How does high voltage hit people? How do static charges electrocute people? Let’s see how people get shocked underwater. Taiwan experiences flooding often When the […]

How well Water and Soil conduct Electricity / Electrical Earthing (Grounding) Science Experiment

Hi, welcome to electrical project Channel in this video you will see how well the ground conducts electricity For this experiment I use 220 volt light bulb, regular water and Salt water Let’s pour regular water… and salt water now let’s put one wire in the socket and another in water. It is regular water; […]

How to make a DIY Thermoelectric Generator

In this video we’ll be making a thermoelectric generator that can reliably charge your phone using nothing but the heat emitted from candle flames. The way this works is by using the temperature difference created between the candles underneath, and the cool water in the tray, to generate electricity. At first this might seem a […]

Electricity and Water’s Changing Properties | Space News

Welcome to Space News from the Electric Universe, brought to you by The Thunderbolts Project™ at Thunderbolts.info The essentialness of water to life is self-evident to all inhabitants of our planet. Wherever liquid water flows, life is possible, and thus cosmologists are on a never-ending quest to detect watery worlds similar to Earth. The human […]

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