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How To Train Your Body To Survive Extreme Cold and Heat – Science Experiment

We’ve all been there, one moment you’re lying in bed comfortably wrapped up in a cocoon of blankets, blissfully warm and peaceful. Then the next your alarm is going off and before you know it you’re trudging through another cold winter morning to go work eight hours at a job you hate, trying not to […]

You need a HAIR DRYER to start this RV GENERATOR ~ Champion 2800 Inverter

Good morning guys! From Seward, Alaska. This is the long overdue review of the champion 2800 generator….. Alright! So here’s the deal guys, I absolutely love this generator! It’s strong enough to run the air conditioning in our old motor home and you have more than enough power to run a microwave. It is very […]

The Power of Jupiter’s Red Spot

This episode of Primal Space is supported by Squarespace. Get a free trial plus 10% off your first purchase by visiting squarespace.com/primalspace. In 1989, 12 years after leaving Earth, Voyager 2 became the first spacecraft to fly past the mysterious planet of Neptune. At this point, very little was known about the planet, and scientists […]

How Generators Can Help During Power Outages at Home

“Last year we were out for a period of nine hours. The year before we were out for about 23 hours at one time. Not a lot of times, but when you run out of power it’s really nice to have a backup generator. “Generators can be a great safety measure in case of a […]

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