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Reversing Tooth Decay by using electrical currents. No Drilling and No Fillings.

Today, Tooth Decay remains one of the most common diseases throughout the world. Current treatment involves drilling the tooth to remove decay and filling with restorative materials such as amalgam, resin, porcelain or gold. Trips to the dentist could soon be much less painful as scientists are finding a way to repair tooth decay without […]

Scientists capture Bacteria that Eat Pollution and Breathe Electricity

hello everyone! The researchers from the Washington State University have found a way to capture a kind of bacteria that can eat the pollution by converting toxic pollutants into less harmful substances and generating electricity in the process. Actually they did it at the Yellowstone National Park They placed electrodes in the pools of hot […]

Electricity at all costs: Kribi gas-powered electricity station

Just a few families those who were living at the center near the plant were compensated and relocated but those who remained, living 100 meters 200 to 400 meters from the site are still there. They have been left behind and they are the ones still bearing the full force of the activity of the […]

Does electricity have a color?

Hello dear friends this week. I’d like to answer another interesting question What color is electricity? This is a very interesting question first of all electricity doesn’t have a color and because this is problematic for TV electricity is shown in all kinds of colors and Advertising and movies alike. Oh, that’s it. Yes afraid […]

McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning TV Ad – Fall 2013 – Austin, Texas

Hi I’m Al D’Andrea with McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning and this is the McCullough man now’s the time to install a new high-efficiency AC system from carrier with bonus rebates from austin energy carrier and mcCullough plus federal tax credit you could save over four thousand dollars on a new system and weatherization go […]

FFNG to draw electricity from the bloodstream | QPT

Men build dams and huge turbines to turn the energy of waterfalls and tides into electricity. To produce hydropower on a much smaller scale, Chinese scientists have now developed a lightweight power generator based on carbon nanotube fibers suitable to convert even the energy of flowing blood in blood vessels into electricity. For thousands of […]

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