What was Superglue used for in the Vietnam War?


What was superglue used for in the Vietnam War Super glue is a cyanoacrylate a fast working adhesive in the Vietnam War u.s troops used super glue to treat emergency wounds on the battlefield In 1942 during World War two a team of scientists headed by Harry Coover jr Were working for Eastman Kodak as a part of the chemical division. They were designing a clear plastic for precision gun sights The experiment was a failure and the project was cancelled as the chemicals had been very sticky making them hard to work with in 1951 Hoover was again working with the chemical this time with jet airplane canopies once again The project was a failure because of the stickiness of the chemical But these failures made Coover think of a new application for it the super sticky cyanoacrylate Could glue materials together with incredible strength and speed without the requirement of heat or pressure Discovering a new adhesive by accident he would name it Eastman 910 later named the more famous name of superglue Dr. Cooper demonstrated it on a show called I’ve got a secret in 1959 where he used a drop of the adhesive between two cylinders to lift the show’s host Garry Moore off the ground The idea for using the adhesive for medical purposes came quite early on and Eastman submitted an application to the United States Food and Drug Administration for the use of the glue to hold human tissue together in surgery After testing the glue while not yet approved for military use because of the potential Toxicities to human tissue was sent to the battlefields of Vietnam nevertheless US soldiers were issued the glue in the form of a spray bottle in Combat field surgeons sprayed the adhesive on injured soldiers with open wounds to seal them shut to stop any bleeding as a temporary treatment This lifesaver prevented many wounded soldiers bleeding out as they were transported back to base hospital for surgery Coover would later reflect on his invention in the war if somebody had a chest wound or open wound That was bleeding the biggest problem They had was stopping the bleeding so they could get the patient back to the hospital and the consequence was many of them bled to death So the medics used the spray stopped the bleeding and were able get the wounded back to base hospital and many many lives were saved Subscribe for more Vietnam War history videos get simple history the Vietnam War and simple history the Cold War today

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  1. Cool ! With cyanide in your blood stream….suppose it takes longer than bleeding to death ? I would prefer duck tape ….

  2. I use superglue all the time for cuts I get at work. It works awesome. Even stops the pain and helps to heal. Everyone I work with uses it now

  3. I sliced the side of my thumb open with a box cutter, not long before work. I used super glue to seal the wound. Not ideal but it saved me a day in hospital.

  4. Short Answer: It used to treat wounds of soldiers because it forms a layer that stops bleeding untill you get transported from the battlefield.
    Long Answer: This video

  5. Many many years ago I used to practice enduro. I carried superglue as an emergency aid. I tore my leg badly with a tree and stopped the bleeding on site. Recently my dogs fought each other and one ended bleeding profusely from an ear and again, I stopped it with superglue. Many people think it’s toxic and that it may travel through your blood, bla bla bla, bullshit. Superglue interacts with the water on blood which makes it “dry” instantly, nothing gets inside you. In fact, superglue “dries” only in presence of water, look it up. It “dries” with water, go figure.

  6. In 1998 I was in knife fight with a mugger . he cut my arm while I pushed him to the ground and where I finished beating the heck out of him . at the emergency room the doc didn't stitch my wound instead he used a purple super glue looking thing to close my wound and sent me on my way. The mugger later on his life got shot and killed by an armed mom and pop store owner.

  7. When I was enlisting a guy had gauges and couldn't join the Marines, so we rolled up sandpaper, bloodied up his gauge holes, and superglued them shut. It did work

  8. Dermabond is basically the same thing, but irritates skin less. Used medically. People still carry super glue for bleeding emergencies, because dermabond is freaking expensive. Also, if you're here, you might like quikclot.

  9. Yep works great !!!! I cannot count the times I glued cuts on horses/cows back together. simple dry the cut and lay a bead in and squeeze shut for a few seconds !!! Quick and the wound heals fine. Knew a person that had surgery to remove her appendix and the incision was super glued closed. left very little scar!!!!!

  10. If you're going to explain what the super glue was used for in the war you shouldn't be talking about anything else cuz you're losing your viewers

  11. Not surprising that this would show up in my, 'suggested' video feed lol
    I was just talking about this yesterday haha creepy….

  12. Back in the 90's I always had superglue for this reason. My grandpa and I never believed in going to the doctor's so we got sick we got over it. If we had cuts we used superglue and duck tape.

  13. I used superglue on a lot of wounds when I was in Vietnam. After they got on the helicopter it was someone else's responsibility to clean the wound up.

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